Page last updated 11 November 2013

  • Appointment of Director General, Department of Planning

    1 April 2014

    The Acting Public Sector Commissioner today announced that the Governor in Executive Council has approved the appointment of Ms Gail McGowan to the chief executive officer position titled Director General, Department of Planning.

    Ms McGowan’s appointment is effective from 7 April 2014 for a term of five (5) years. 

    Ms McGowan is currently Deputy Director General, State Initiatives, Department of State Development.

    The Acting Public Sector Commissioner extended her congratulations to Ms McGowan on her appointment to the position.

  • Transfer of Director General – Department of Local Government and Communities

    20 March 2014

    The Public Sector Commissioner today announced that on 18 March 2014, the Governor in Executive Council approved the transfer of Ms Jennifer Mathews from the performance of other functions in the senior executive service (SES) to the office of Director General, Department of Local Government and Communities. Ms Mathews’ term in the position is effective from 18 March 2014 to 30 March 2018.
  • Annual reporting requirements for 2013/14

    11 March 2014

    Public Sector Commissioner’s Circular 2013-01 Annual Reporting providing information on the 2013/14 annual reporting requirements has been re-issued and is now available.
  • Reappointment of Managing Director, Kimberley Training Institute

    24 December 2013

    The Public Sector Commissioner today announced that on 24 December 2013, the Governor approved the reappointment of Ms Karen Dickinson to the office of chief executive officer titled Managing Director, Kimberley Training Institute. Ms Dickinson’s reappointment is effective from 29 June 2014 for a term of five years.
  • Scheduled RAMS outage 7-8 December 2013

    22 November 2013

    Thomson Reuters have scheduled a planned outage to administer a Data Centre migration. The outage is scheduled to take place over the weekend from 7-8 December 2013.
  • More than a matter of trust

    20 November 2013

    Commission tables report in parliament on an examination of integrity checking controls in recruitment and employee induction processes.
  • Premier’s Awards 2013 ceremony

    7 November 2013

    The Premier’s Awards for Excellence in Public Sector Management were presented in a twilight ceremony on Wednesday 6 November 2013 in the Premier’s Cabinet Rooms.
  • Clarification on the Environmental Protection Authority article

    14 October 2013

    The Commissioner today clarified a report in today’s West by Daniel Emerson claiming that advice from the Public Sector Commissioner endorsed the Environmental Protection Authority’s (EPA) strategy to manage conflicts of interest associated with the Browse decision process.

    'The statement in the newspaper that the Commission 'cleared EPA’s error' or 'endorsed' the EPA’s strategy is incorrect,' the Commissioner said.

    'The advice provided by the Public Sector Commission was not incorrect,' the Commissioner clarified.

  • Annual reports now available

    26 September 2013

    The annual reports of the Public Sector Commission and the Director of Equal Opportunity in Public Employment were tabled in parliament on 26 September 2013.

    • Public Sector Commission – Annual report 2012/13
    • Director of Equal Opportunity in Public Employment – Annual report 2013

    To download reports from previous years, see the Annual reports page.